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2. Self Care May

Tuesday 2 May 2017Today I made myself a cup of tea, sat outside on the patio, put my feet up and watched the sun rise higher.All was calm and still and clear. And so was my mind. I  soaked up every second of those 15 or so minutes before the craziness of the day began.Such a [...]

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1. Self Care May

Monday 1 May 2017 Today is a public holiday. It is called Labour Day.Rather ironic that I am working hard to clear out and clean up my work/craft space.Super lucky to have quite a large room, it is about 9m long by 6m wide, and when I am finally done with it I will do a [...]

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It's almost May, Self Care May

It is Sunday, the last day of April, 2017.Tomorrow begins a month of Self Care, or rather a month of documenting my Self Care daily actions.I plan to share here, on instagram you can find me @thestampspot and my store Facebook page - The Stamp Spot.My friend Donna is sharing on her blog and her instagram [...]

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