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1. Self Care May

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Monday 1 May 2017 

Today is a public holiday. It is called Labour Day.

Rather ironic that I am working hard to clear out and clean up my work/craft space.

Super lucky to have quite a large room, it is about 9m long by 6m wide, and when I am finally done with it I will do a Room Tour video I think.

I spent a huge chunk of the day sorting, clearing for donation and grouping together similar/same items. I have quite a way to go yet however 'things' are grouped. If you could see the before shots you would know this is much improved!

There is a method to this mayhem. 

So many 'last one left" products that I need to list in a crafty garage sale group on facebook.

Seems the more I cleaned up and cleared out the messier everything got. 

I learned I have a tonne of album rings, glassine bags of several sizes and foam dots and squares to last me a lifetime!

Absolutely a work in progress, just like me.


Michelle xo

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