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12x12 Album & Page Protector compatability findings // from 18 Feb 2014

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Today (18 Feb 2014) I conducted an experiment.

I have wanted to know for some time which albums and which page protectors are interchangeable.

I should know this as a retailer.

I now have a variety of albums and page protectors that most Project Life and Scrapbookers use. Special mention and gratitude to my Kaisercraft representative Christina for sending me a Kaisercraft album and variety of page protectors overnight so that they too could be included.

Before I reveal what I think are very interesting results a few things that this experiment is not:

It is not a comparison of quality.

It is not a comparison of price.

It is not a comparison of manufacturers.

It is not sponsored by any manufacturers products mentioned here, I was not asked nor compensated in any way.

It is not designed to influence which product customers should purchase.

A few things this experiment is:

As close to comparing apples and apples as I could manage

A result of my own curiousity

A result of my selling some, though not all (at the time of the experiment) of these products and not being able to advise my customers of interchangeability of page protectors.


I hope conclusive and of use when purchasing page protectors and/or albums.

The albums:

Snap, Project Life, Wermk, Kaisercraft


The page protectors:

Snap, Project Life, Wermk, Kaisercraft, American Crafts (Memology), Echo Park Papers (Photo Freedom)

Page protectors

The results.

* Starting with the obvious - manufacturers albums and their page protectors match;

* All page protectors fit all albums with regard to lining up with the 3 rings within the binders/albums;

* The page protectors tested vary slightly in size (see below for measurements), however all do sit within the boundaries of each of the albums (see below for measurements), some are closer to the edge depending on page protector brand (the most snug fit was American Crafts page protectors in a Wermk album for height and same protectors in a Kaisercraft album for length). No overhang occurred on any combination.

* The page protectors tested vary slightly as to where the holes (3) are punched, therefore vary slightly as to how they sit within the album.

* All but American Crafts had the centre round hole in the exact centre (halfway) of the page with the oval shaped outer holes punched the same distance from the centre hole.

* The American Crafts page protector centre hole was very slightly above halfway, the outer oval holes are punched at the same distance from the centre hole however this results in the bottom of the page being 5mm longer from the centre hole (if you folded the page at the centre hole). The centre hole is not in the exact middle of the page like the others. The only time I think this poses any kind of issue is when various brands of page protectors are combined in the one album, any album - the American Crafts page protector is significantly longer than the others and the placement of the punched holes means it would 'hang' lower in the album therefore I would expect it would be visible below other brands of page protectors.

Album Measurements: +/- 1mm

Kaisercraft 39.2L 32.6H 6.6S (spine width)

Snap 38.5L 33.2 H 6.8S

Project Life 38.3L 33.2H 6.8S

Wermk 38.2L 32.9H 7.0S

Page Protector Measurements: +/- 1mm

Kaisercraft 33.7L 32.0H 1.8W (width of section where holes are punched)

Project Life 33.4L 31.4H 1.5W

Wermk 33.5L 31.9H 1.6W

Snap 33.3L 31.7H 1.6W

Echo Park 33.2L 31.6H 1.6W

(Photo Freedom)

American Crafts 34.2l 31.4H 2.5W (be far the deepest)


Line up of all page prot

About the experiment:

Each measurement was recorded with the same tape measure for the albums, a ruler for the page protectors, by the same person (me) , at the same physical location on each product.

Length was taken at the top of the albums 1cm down and included where applicable the metal corner protectors. This is the maximum length the album would take up when placed upright on a shelf. This would translate to the depth needed to accomodate the album.

Height was taken 2cm in from the spine edge and also 2cm in from the open edge (where you would open the album). This is the maximum height the album would take up when placed upright on a shelf.

Spine width was taken on the outside of the album 2cm down from the top edge. This would translate to the width the album would take up when placed in an upright position on a shelf without being compressed by anything beside it.

All measurements were double checked. This is little variance between Snap, Project Life and Wermk - .3mm separates them in length and also in height. .2mm separates them in spine width.

The Kaisercraft album is the longest in length (shelf depth required is a little more) with the biggest difference being a full centimetre, and surprisingly it is the shortest album by up to .6mm difference and takes up .4mm less in spine width.

What surprised me:

12x12 single pocket page protectors are smaller in width than 12x12 divided page protectors.

This was a moment of - why did I need to physically compare them to work that out? !


The divisions/seams are the difference.

Here the divided page protector is on the bottom (with spot paper in a 4x6 section) with the 12x12 single pocket (with mint cardstock) on the top. I expect, when you have a mixture of traditional scrapbooking and Project Life spreads in the one album, you may notice a slight difference in the page protector sizes.

Wermk 12 12 divided comparison

Possibly of interest (if you are combining differing brands of page protectors in the one album):

The section where the holes are punched have a different finish, either square or recessed -

Square finish - Kaisercraft, Project Life, Snap and American Crafts (Memology)

Recessed finish - Wermk and Echo Park (Photo Freedom)

Recessed edge square edge


Michelle x

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