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1. Self Care May

Monday 1 May 2017 Today is a public holiday. It is called Labour Day.Rather ironic that I am working hard to clear out and clean up my work/craft space.Super lucky to have quite a large room, it is about 9m long by 6m wide, and when I am finally done with it I will do a [...]

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It's almost May, Self Care May

It is Sunday, the last day of April, 2017.Tomorrow begins a month of Self Care, or rather a month of documenting my Self Care daily actions.I plan to share here, on instagram you can find me @thestampspot and my store Facebook page - The Stamp Spot.My friend Donna is sharing on her blog and her instagram [...]

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Self Care May

Recently I came to the end of a significant period of time where much was required of me, my diligence, my attention to detail, my time, my emotional strength and incredible challenge, my compassion, my focus, my humanness, my patience, my logical mind, my resources, my questioning nature.... many many months involving countless hours.... there [...]

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Pocket Page Notebooks - THE DETAILS

Pocket Page Notebooks are a beautiful marriagebetween a Traveler's Notebook Insert and a Page Protector... the best of both design elements in one Notebook. MICHELLE HUNTER, designer.The Pocket Page Notebook consists of 52 pages (26 double plus 2 single) in total with a crisp white 110gsm page alternating with a clear full length page protector. The cover on the outside [...]

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Pocket Page Notebooks - THE BACKSTORY.

EEEEP!I cannot begin to put into words my absolute excitement and bewilderment that these notebooks, these brand new concept notebooks designed by me, are actually here in the physical.Here is how they came about.This concept came to me during my attempt to complete a prompt in a One Little Word August Class in 2016. (One [...]

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Day Fifteen, December Daily 2016

Ridiculously busy... like a bee... sums up my day!Our beautiful Murraya (Mock Orange) hedges are in full bloom and there are so many bees, going about their work, staying focused, getting the job done. A close up of the floating glassine bag - totally possible in a Travelers Notebook insert. Acetate is your friend with this [...]

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Day Fourteen, December Daily 2016

Perhaps the briefest share of any day during December I have and maybe will ever share.This day was a tough one.

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Day Thirteen, December Daily 2016

The photo for this spread was taken 5 or 6 days ago, certainly not a selfie expert but so determined am I to appear in my album this year I figured I would have to just deal with my discomfort and lack of expertise and just get a shot!Day Thirteen is the last entry on [...]

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Day Twelve, December Daily 2016

A Guide Dog puppy training session ended up a photo shoot with the 'girls in blue'.We first feared we were all in trouble for illegally parking on the nature strip - with this many puppies and the fact that it is a public dog park, the closer we can park the better.These 2 local police [...]

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Day Eleven, December Daily 2016

Today is all about recipes, specifically old recipes... old old recipes.My parents married in December of 1959 and they started a handwritten recipe book in March of 1960 - just newlyweds they worked one outback sheep stations in western Queensland, Australia. Dad out on heavy farming equipment, mostly graders and Mum as cook and/or housekeeper. [...]

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