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Day Eleven, December Daily 2016

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Today is all about recipes, specifically old recipes... old old recipes.

My parents married in December of 1959 and they started a handwritten recipe book in March of 1960 - just newlyweds they worked one outback sheep stations in western Queensland, Australia. Dad out on heavy farming equipment, mostly graders and Mum as cook and/or housekeeper. Each had worked out west before meeting, actually that is how they met... the social life was not busy but country towns would have dances and my Mum loved to dance. And Dad was the only one with a car! They went to a dance together and the rest is history.

Each station they worked at had it's own set of recipes, recipes that the owners preferred or were handed down to them. The entries in my parents cookbook have the station name or it's initials in the recipe title. 

Talborea or T, Victo or V and Moorlands or M. This cookbook is almost 57 years old, it's pages are yellowed and tattered but these recipes, well they are priceless to me.

I intend to make the Christmas Cake recipe, the other 2 fruit cake recipes ensured Mum won first prize at each of the country shows she entered with them.

Lot's of history, most importantly both my parents handwriting. Mum has even written their addresses with the last 2 entries in my very young childhood handwriting.

I have used the Tis the Season messy circle from Ali Edwards December Daily 2016 main kit as a holder, I simply applied the adhesive to just the lower half. The recipe photos and a journaling card are paper clipped together.  For something different today I decided to diagonally stripe the #11 by using the same method of masking off with washi tape the areas I did not want inked. The number was still getting lost on the white page background though, so I cut a strip of teal paper to 'ground' it and link it to the journaling card.

Thank you for joining me for December 11, this run up to Christmas is flying by!


Michelle x.

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