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Day Fifteen, December Daily 2016

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Ridiculously busy... like a bee... sums up my day!

Our beautiful Murraya (Mock Orange) hedges are in full bloom and there are so many bees, going about their work, staying focused, getting the job done. 

A close up of the floating glassine bag - totally possible in a Travelers Notebook insert. Acetate is your friend with this technique. The acetate is sandwiched between the left side of the bag - I DIY'd the bag but if you were using a ready made bag you would need to cut the left side of the bag at the seam or fold, then simply sandwich the acetate between the two pieces, adhere - best to use a good strong adhesive eg red line or xpress tape. Next, give the acetate a good crease where it will sit against the centre/spine of your book and it will sit beautifully. I have another bag attached to the other side of the acetate strip, I diy'd that bag also so they would be the exact same size. The piece of acetate will be the same height as your bag's left seam or fold.

Inside the bag is a tag with 2 photos and journaling on the back. The #15 is from Ali Edwards December Daily Main Kit (I am using those numbers exclusively throughout, sometimes I will ink them in various ways -see previous posts, with the Gold Ink pad also from Ali's shop)

Today was all about this post I put up on Instagram.

Complete lunacy to add even more to take care of in December... but that's when they arrived!

Here is what the flip side of the floating bag looks like, I intend to utilise that real estate of the bag as part of day #16.

Thank you for joining me on the December adventure, 15 down 10 to go!


Michelle x.

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