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Day Three, December Daily 2016

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Today I wanted to document the day I made the traditional family (extended as well as immediate) Christmas Puddings.

In years past, I would travel to my Aunt's place and we would spend almost the entire day making 3-4 large puddings.

Last year marked the end of that tradition.

My Aunt passed away in July.

The left has sequential photos - the mixture, tying strings on the pudding basins, putting them on to boil and finally after they came off with paper and foil removed. They dry out a little and then they are repapered and restrung and stored in the fridge until Chrismas Day. They need another 2 or so hours before being ready to serve.

Each photo flips up or sideways. Just a little interactive.

I have left the number 3 from Ali Edwards December Daily 2016 main kit white. No other gold is on this spread and I wanted it to contrast well in order to see it.

The right is a snapshot of most of the ingredients.

The ingredients photo flips up to reveal a photo of last years handwritten by my Aunt quantities. Each year she would tweak the base recipe and scale it up according to the amount of puddings being made. Last year we made 4 large ones. Last year would be the last time she tweaked and wrote out the ingredients.

The recipe photo flips up to reveal my handwritten journaling.

This was such an important part of this December to document, the actual day of pudding making was 21 November, which is about the time (most years but not all) we would get together to bake. I also factored in that if I majorly stuffed up the puddings, I had time to remake. Thankfully, those years of baking with my Aunt, the ones we jokingly called My Apprenticeship stood me well this year when I was solo. I could hear her voice inside my head guiding and encouraging.

There were tears.

Bittersweet tears.

I hope I did her proud.

Thank you for joining me on this December Daily journey,

Till Day Four,


Michelle x.

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