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It's almost May, Self Care May

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It is Sunday, the last day of April, 2017.

Tomorrow begins a month of Self Care, or rather a month of documenting my Self Care daily actions.

I plan to share here, on instagram you can find me @thestampspot and my store Facebook page - The Stamp Spot.

My friend Donna is sharing on her blog and her instagram @donna008 and we are both documenting our Self Care May journey in Pocket Page Notebooks, these are exclusive to The Stamp Spot and you can purchase them here (use coupon code YES - case sensitive - for 15% discount off purchase)

A week or two ago, I sat and brainstormed self care actions that I do already, along with a bunch of new to me actions, that I might have the opportunity to try during May.

My hope is that Self Care will become as high on my To Do list as any other task I do on a daily if not regular basis.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so the next 31 days of May should see a significant shift toward better self care practices.

Here is my brain dump list -

Light a candle // burn my favourite essential oil // cut some foliage and bring it indoors // sit in the morning or afternoon sun for 5-10 minutes // get up early and what the sunrise // set an alarm for sunset viewing // buy a new coffee mug or tea cup // trying a new herbal tea // buying a new journalling pen // change the way I make the bed // add something pretty to my night stand/bedside table // drink 8 glasses of water daily // tidy my underwear drawer // straighten/curl my hair for no reason or event // cloud watch // soak in the bath for an hour // journal // list 3 things I love about myself // simply accept a compliment // walk outside barefoot // select a crystal and carry it with me all day // make a cup of tea and finish before it goes cold // post a letter to myself // change my passwords to include a positive word or affirmation // print or write out a quote and place somewhere prominent

Little things.

That are not really little.



Michelle xo

Image found on google search of self care quotes, author unknown.

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