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Introducing SILVER LININGS Digital Kit

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Hooray! The much anticipated Silver Linings Digital Kit is being released today! (Friday 11 August 2017).

This digital kit is a collaboration between myself - Michelle Hunter, Sole owner of The Stamp Spot and Diane Williams, aka dearlydee, graphic artist and amazing creator (& gorgeous friend!).

A little while back I asked Dee if she would consider designing a digital kit specific to my exclusive and patented Pocket Page Notebooks, of course the bonus being it would suit Travelers Notebooks also, given they are the same dimensions. So excited she said yes! I was happy to let Dee take the reins and design something she loved - for I knew if she loved it then so would I ... and so would many many others! And WOW did Dee deliver! 


You get:

10 A4 and Letter sized pattern paper pdf files

10 A4 and Letter sized pattern paper png files

1 A4 and Letter sized cut-apart file


The colour palette suits so many photos, so many occasions and so many layouts. A beautiful balance between pastels and solids, spots and stripes, busy and white space. I have used very warm toned photos in some spreads and bright and vibrant photos in others.

Each sheet of travelers notebook sized patterned papers is offered separately - ie one to an A4 or Letter sized sheet. You have the freedom to print exactly the patterns you want, without the ones you don't want, for each memory you are documenting. Plus, the colours compliment each other and contrast enough with each other to give endless options.

The cut-apart sheet compliments the patterns of course and is also a beautiful balance between sizes and shapes, motifs and labels, tags and words. 

There is a whole lot of bang for your buck in this kit! 

Along with the fact that pdf's and png files are offered, catering for hybrid and strictly digital memory keeping. You have the convenience of printing on demand at home or your local printing shop, no shipping/postal charges and best of all no waiting!

A versatile and very cleverly curated kit with something for everyone!

So far, I have these spreads in my Pocket Page Notebook to share:

Now, we REALLY want to share this kit with everyone, so head on over to The Stamp Spot Instagram, follow both this account and  DearlyDee and keep an eye out for the post on how you can win yourself a free Silver Linings kit!

It looks like this -


If you simply cannot wait to see if you can win one, you can purchase yours here.


Michelle x

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